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Jesus Christ sent his disciples into the world to tell the masses about Him, His love for them, and how they could achieve salvation. At The Dove's Nest Christian Ministries, we are on a similar mission. Our church wants to bring lost souls to Christ through the dissemination of the Word. We are a Bible-based ministry that believes in applying the gospels to our daily lives. If you want to build or strengthen your relationship with the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we offer church outreach programs in Lemon Grove, CA.

Monday Devotionals

What Dispensation Are We Currently In As Far As Prophecy

The Psychology Of Temptation

Developing An Award Winning Attitude Through Christ

Opression VS Depression

Why Is A Covering So Essential To God's Practivality

Wednesday Mid-Week Devotionals

What Is A Bible Prophecy Outreach

Would The Lord Bless A Site Outreach

Why Would A Ministry Need A New Born Outreach

Why Churches Need A Business Professional Outreach

Why Churches Need A Medicare Assistance Outreach

Friday Devotionals

How Close Are We To A Relationship With Jesus Christ

Where Did Our Violent Natures Transcend From

The Psychology Of Eternal Permanence In Heaven

Is There A Misconception That There Is Only One Race Of People?

The Great Determiner Of RIght And Wrong?

Our Daily Bread

Jesus' last words on the cross, "It is finished," form the foundation of our ministry. The Lord's words mean He paid the price for our sins, and as such, we should seek salvation through Him. You can begin your journey by participating in our Bible Study outreaches. The topics of these devotionals range from developing a Christian attitude to understanding the meaning of outreach.

Even if you are a Christian, you need spiritual guidance to help you stay on the path of righteousness. Our Bible study devotionals offer you the ongoing support you need to live according to the Word. Contact us for more details about our outreach efforts.

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