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Evangelistic Christian Ministry in Lemon Grove, CA

Make a difference in your life and the lives of others with our evangelistic Christian ministry in Lemon Grove, CA. Our goal is to reach the lost by serving those who are less fortunate. We visit a wide variety of locations, such as prisons and senior living facilities. Get involved with one of our ministries and see how your life can change by helping others.

The Dove's Nest Christian Ministries holds worship services both inside and outside our church. We visit those who might not be able to make it to our location every Sunday. Spreading God's love with those around us is of the utmost importance for preparing Christians' next generation. Our outreach programs allow us to share the Gospel with everyone we meet.

Ministering to the World

We are grateful to be of service to people all around the world. Our church members practice Bible principles through our international ministry. We send evangelists to countries such as Jamaica and Mexico as people everywhere need the uplifting power of Christ's teachings. In Jamaica, our evangelists offer hope and teach The Finished Work of The Gospel. In Mexico, we have established orphanages to feed, clothe, and house children.

Serving Where We're Needed Most

Of course, we have a church and hold regular services. However, this is only where our work begins. Members of our church believe there's a whole world of people out there that need salvation. If they don't come to church, the church comes to them – in other countries and right here at home.

We send our members out into the community where people live and work. And into places such as prisons, the streets, nursing homes, and more. Wherever there are people in need of uplifting, there we'll go. As Jesus sent out his apostles and followers and urged them to spread the Good News, He compels us to bring a message of salvation, sanctification, and hope.

After bringing God's Word to individuals, we work with them to learn the Gospel and its truths. When they're ready to demonstrate their commitment to Our Lord and Savior, we baptize new members and encourage them to bring the truth to others.

Become a Member of Our Ministry

Everyone is welcome to attend our services and become a member of any of our evangelistic Christian ministries. We provide membership applications at every service so that you can apply at your convenience. The process is easy and quick to complete. You'll simply tell us about your background. The necessary qualifications are on the form, so you know what to expect from this experience.

You have the freedom to commit to any ministry you feel called to serve, whether it's the convalescent ministry or the ministry for prisons. If you wish to become a part of any ministry, we ask that you attend services faithfully. We want you to be present during outreach programs, as newcomers to Christ, will see you as an example to follow. Additionally, we encourage you to get involved with our community wellness programs, such as helping to feed the homeless.

Join Us Today

Visit us to become a part of any of our evangelistic Christian ministries. We're always welcoming new members, and we're eager to meet you. As we grow, The Dove's Nest Christian Ministries hopes to expand its reach and show others the love of Christ through servitude.